Are you looking towards lending your parquet floors a new lease of life? Sanding and varnishing of your floors serves to be an excellent option. Going a long way in lifting the overall appeal of your inlaid tiles and dazzling prospective buyers if you decide upon selling your house in future, the services provided by experts in the field come at pre-defined costs. So, get ready to get a closer look at how much parquet flooring cost and the right ways of going about the act.

Points to Consider
When it comes to polishing timber or parquet floors, you have two choices: hire an expert or DIY. Regardless of how you would like to go about the act, you may have to buff or sand your floors before beginning the task. The process of sanding makes it essential for you to get your hands on a powerful electronic edge and floor sander, which should be used and handled only if you have proper knowledge about the same.

It makes the job on hand much simpler and prevents you from going down on all fours, with a sand paper in hand. Now, the cost of hiring the sander is estimated to be around $ 80 to $ 100 –on a daily basis. You will also require a sealer, wood filler and a roller, along with a specially designed brush for the application of varnish, a floor pad, hammer, mop and bucket, varnish and a few other essential tools.