The air conditioning system at your home or office is there to keep the
temperature at a comfortable level and help remove humidity, plus filter
out any impurities. At Fast Handyman  we strongly believe that prevention is
better than the cure so service your ac today to identify any possible
future problems or headaches. Our fully qualified technicians are on hand
to diagnose and repair any of your AC problems.

-​Quality troubleshooting repairs on all AC problems
-AC servicing with guaranteed warranty and peace of mind
-Optimizing the performance on your AC by removing dirt and grime build
-Replacement of faulty parts with warranty

*What’s Included*

– Minor parts and consumables

– Post work check-in to ensure everything is running smoothly

Commercial & Residential
*AC Duct Cleaning Service Singapore *

The internal ducting of any AC system will gather dust or dirt over any
given period of time and can possibly create illnesses and other
respiratory issues for tenants and owners.

​At Handyman king we can clean any residential or commercial property using
our rotobrush machine, which effectively acts as a powerful vacuum &
rotating brush system. The machine is inserted inside the AC ducts and
because it has a very long hose connected to wire brushes it physically
removes all the dirt /dust in the ducting and is vacuumed before it has
time to spread. We then finish by adding an antifungal and sterilizing
chemical which leaves everything healthy, clean and safe.

-Improving air quality
-Removing dust & debris
-Long lasting sanitary impact
– AC Duct cleaning is priced per AC unit
– All protective covers provided

Commercial & Residential
AC Coil Cleaning Service Singapore

​The coil, also known as an evaporator coil or an indoor coil, is one of
the most important factors in any AC system. The coil is something which is
situated on the indoor unit of the AC and acts as a cooling radiator or
heat exchanger some might say. The air passes through the coil and After a
long period of time the dirt, grime and dust build’s up on the coil
creating a nasty barrier. This can cause – moldy smells, lack of cooling
and leaks on the air conditioning unit itself. At Fast Handyman  we clean
all these impurities away within one visit from the use of our special coil
Jet and highly trained AC technicians.

-Improving air quality
-AC efficiency
-Utility management
-Cleaning proccess can take 3- 4 hours
– The cleaning process can take 3- 4 hours